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Making Miniatures in Community
with Mindy Yates

Your New Mini Community
Through the Internet

Using Zoom video conferencing, you can be part of a real time miniature crafting community. Ask questions spontaneously as you're working on projects with other group members. Get to know other people interested in creating small scale scenes.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Available Classes



My name is Mindy Yates. I’m a miniaturist.


Little things have always fascinated me.

Let me tell you how I began this adventure!


Experienced Teacher

Your instructor has been making miniatures for over 40 years. Mindy designs her own projects and structures and she will provide additional resources for you, and she is an experienced educator in group and individual settings. 

This Is What Is Provide for EACH Course!

Online Community

Connect with new people interested in making miniatures. Help each other discover new methods of getting just the right look. Share your progress. Make lifelong friends along the way. Enjoy real time get togethers with people interested in miniatures…just like you!  

Flexible Meetings

Meetings will be online, real-time, so you can participate from wherever you are. Each project will be taught on a regular, often weekly, schedule and for a set number of meetings. Follow up sessions may be offered to help finalize your project. 

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